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As the pandemic halted in-person events, TMN was determined to help clients keep their connections. Enter virtual and hybrid event production. To maintain our high standards, we brought longtime AV partners on staff with TMN. 


Forming an in-house AV team is a unique move for an event company, but we know it helps us deliver even better event services. Whether your event is big or small, in-person, hybrid, or fully virtual, our team can offer customized, professional audio, video, and online options.

How does our in-house AV team benefit you?

  • Understanding. The team is part of your event from the earliest planning stages. They know your event, what you need, and can offer creative ideas. 

  • Expertise. Our team’s years of professional AV experience means your event is in good hands.

  • Savings. You get TMN’s transparent budgeting and no third party markup.

  • Versatility. Participation in the planning stages means the team has contingencies in mind (think an outdoor reception that gets rained out and has to move inside).

  • Relationships. We carry institutional knowledge of clients’ needs and preferences into future events.

  • Autonomy. There are no third-party vendors to depend on.


Altogether, the TMN AV team has nearly 50 years of AV and sound production experience. They have worked AV for events at the White House, Coachella, the United Nations, the Guggenheim Museum, countless concerts around the world, and many, many corporate events. Safe to say, they’re experts.

Meet the Team

Kevin Mazzarelli

After 20 years working in New York City and around the world as a tour manager and audio engineer for popular bands. Kevin shifted to corporate AV production in 2014. He subcontracted with TMN to do AV production for HP and Dreamworks, before they brought him on full time in 2020.

Tom Lillicrap

Tom hails from London with a background in music business and production, and worked at Island Records. He’s described as the English Swiss Army knife of the team, and serves as the controller for virtual events. A recent 100% virtual event involved 30 presenters (all in different locations), 800 virtual attendees, and dozens of breakout rooms running simultaneously.

Ben Hedrick

A familiar face to those who’ve worked with TMN before, Ben has been with TMN for five years. His roots are in music production and event planning, and he had 11 years of work in those fields before joining TMN. Ben is a tech whiz and a troubleshooter. His experience with TMN clients and event planning make him invaluable to the team.

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