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If we learned one thing during the pandemic, it’s that flexibility is important and innovation is key. As it turns out, many recent event solutions that were born of necessity can also elevate events in a post-pandemic world.


Participants from afar no longer have to settle for a substandard video feed while missing all the fun--the fun comes to them. Not only do we now have a full in-house AV team to perfect that video feed part, but we have strategies to give off-site attendees an interactive, engaging experience.


Our team has you covered through the entire planning process, including understanding all state, local and venue regulations and requirements, the in-person event details, and how to support virtual attendees with their technology needs.


In addition to all the in-person logistics, for hybrid events TMN also offers: 

  • Audiovisual production

  • Venue sourcing 

  • Registration and virtual attendance platform design and management 

  • Communication management

  • Gamification, polling, survey design and management

  • Virtual and in-person event entertainment

  • Report and data analytics

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